We have a portfolio of services dedicated to private and business aviation, from turboprops to helicopters and jets ranging from entry level to ultra-long range. The MaceAero team have many decades of experience in sourcing, trading, marketing, and operating aircraft from continents across the globe. Our trusted solutions are built through a passion for what we do and ensuring that you are at the heart of everything.


Our unique core focus is the procurement of fine aircraft, both identifying opportunities that deliver premium value for our clients and creating our own inventory for resale. We have a network of trusted advisors within every continent who supply us with information on off-market opportunities for purchase. The same principles we use to source aircraft for our own trade inventory we use to ensure you get the very best aircraft, for the very best price.


As aircraft buyers ourselves we are very happy to look at trade-in options against any aircraft available. With our acquisitioning services and connections, we are well placed to take any aircraft upgrade or replacement giving a guaranteed price on your current asset against a MaceAero purchased aircraft on your behalf.


The experience within the MaceAero team is built up over many decades, meaning that advice is knowledgeable, honest, independent and provided after listening to your needs. Whether assessing replacement aircraft options, a first step into helicopter ownership, or which aircraft provide the best commercial returns in the charter market. We are on hand to assist you in making the right choices for you.


When the time is right to sell your aircraft or helicopter you need to be assured that its value potential is maximised and that it is marketed through to a worldwide audience. 85% of successful aircraft transactions involve more than one sales broker and you can be assured of a proactive marketing strategy to successfully promote to a closing sale. We provide advice on value having assessed the marketplace and discuss the merits of both on and off-market sales routes.


Receiving intelligent, accurate and recent market data is crucial to understand the true value of any asset. We assess movement in markets, active sales and prices achieved to help you be more informed with your decisions, whether buying, selling or just assessing your current position on ownership, MaceAero can help you with professional bespoke industry reports and knowledge based assessments.


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