We provide you with end to end solutions whether looking to enter ownership for the first time, or current with an aircraft. Management and oversight of our aircraft is undertaken in conjunction with our selected operating partners and this provides a wealth of experience in the operation of aircraft under MaceAero control. We are the eyes and ears in your aircraft operation, ensuring that every detail is crafted your way through knowledgeable oversight with safety and efficiency at the forefront.


Running an aviation asset such as a helicopter or jet is complex. Strict aviation regulation surrounding the aircraft’s airworthiness, airports, aircrew and the skies makes it extremely safe, but this also means there are many challenges to ensure it is done within the rules and to best aviation practice. The MaceAero team have had many years’ experience in aircraft ownership and operation, which means we take control of the detail so you can enjoy your time onboard.


Aircraft and helicopters are high value and complex. Maintaining a high level of airworthiness requires knowledge and experience on the type of aircraft involved. Accurate records and thorough engineering oversight will ensure that your asset’s value is held well in the marketplace. MaceAero through its airworthiness partner provides control and oversight, giving you piece of mind when stepping onboard.


There are many areas of cost surrounding the ownership and operation of an aircraft. Each one can be complex with a multitude of suppliers and resources available. MaceAero has built up many special relationships, which means we are able to bring to you these benefits of both quality and cost. Financial forecasting can be assessed and controlled day-to-day making sure you have oversight without spending vast amounts of your valuable time.


We will provide you with specialist advice from our working partners on the elements that combine to ensure your aircraft or helicopter is financed, owned and registered in the most efficient way to meet your personal circumstances. No template fits all owners and having smart professional advice to set-up the structure of ownership will lead to the best approach from start to finish.


Your aircraft or helicopter is a valuable asset, not just financially but practically in what it can achieve for you or your business. For some the sole use of the aircraft is important, but for other aircraft owners we can return revenue on the aircraft when not in use. Placing the aircraft under MaceAero management through one of our selected AOC operating partners allows a sharing of the fixed costs and contribution towards your own flying costs. Levels of charter can be regulated to ensure you still have access to the aircraft, and various commercial benefits can also reduce your costs significantly.


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